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nü packaging

packaging design / branding and identity / campaign design / motion graphics

nü believes that there is a friendlier way to nourish and educate the next generation on the importance of sustainable resources. nü aims to remove all harmful products from school lunches that hurt our planet. The goal is to help clean up the earth and educate children on ways they can make a difference.

nü logo

created with kids in mind, the nü logo is one that represents a change and movement towards a cleaner earth. The nü logo is like the bat symbol for a younger generation fighting to make a difference on our planet.

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nü lunch

schools play an important role in teaching our children good environmental stewardship.if school lunches are being served on an environmentally damaging product; it’s not a great example to set.

the way our kids are eating their lunch does in fact have a huge impact on the health of our planet. currently all the products used to serve lunch in schools are hurting our environment.
this is why nü has created a line of products to help our student eat in a way that is healthier for our enviorment and future. nü is making a change and encouraging the younger generation to be a part of it.

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